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So, apparently there is a whole society devoted to cartoons, the National Cartoonists Society. Who knew? Not me, until this weekend, when I found out that Richard Thompson, the author of one of my favorites, won Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year. You can see a list of all this year’s winners here.

Richard Thompson’s comic, Cul de Sac, is about a 4-year-old (sound familiar?) named Alice and her family, who live in the eponymous neighborhood Cul de Sac. There is the usual cast of wacky characters, including the melancholy older brother, Petey; the busy mom; the commuter Dad, whose tiny car sometimes gets lost in the sand box; and a whole host of friends who attend Blisshaven Academy preschool. Alice is dead on, often bossy, sometimes cranky, and occasionally far wiser than her years. Petey is a fun character, too. As the older, wiser brother (I think he’s supposed to be around 8 ) he usually tolerates Alice’s antics fairly well, but the outside world sometimes makes him try to chew his arm off. You can check out Cul de Sac on GoComics, or buy books and other paraphernalia on Amazon.

Another of my favorite cartoonists, Dave Kellett of Sheldon and Drive penned a comic about the award weekend. Funnily enough, it mentioned two more of my faves, Randall Munroe of xkcd and Bill Amend of FoxTrot.

Check ’em all out!


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