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Books I’ve Bought on Sale

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As I mentioned in a previous post, Amazon is running a sale through June 15 on Kindle books called Sunshine Deals. As promised, here are the books I’ve bought so far, and the ones I’m still considering. These are just the books that caught my eye, so if your taste is different, there’s probably something there for you as well. I also only went through the top 100 or so bestsellers, so if you’ve found another gem farther down, let me know in the comments!

Books I Bought

Spy stuff. Awesome sauce.

This seemed pretty interesting. I’m all for learning how to use my brain better.

Looks like an interesting twist on church history. George Barna is famous, in Christian circles at least, for his research on the Church (with a capital C), so it should be an interesting read.

Saw the movie. Excited to read the book as well, even though (or because) I’ve heard they are very different.

Well everybody needs more Kurt Vonnegut in their life. Or at least I do. I haven’t read much of his stuff, but I’d like to, especially since it’s often mentioned in reference to Lost.

See above, except that I had actually bought this a while ago. Don’t worry, I got it on sale then, too.

Books I Might Buy

I’ve seen this compared to The Outlander Series, so that’s hard to resist.

Hello, it’s John Piper! OK, move this one up, I just bought it.

I’ve heard lots of good things about this series.

This just sounds fascinating.

Again, just sounded interesting. I don’t think I’ve read anything simply about Julius Ceasar. Well, except Shakespeare’s play.

I love pop science books, because I can understand them. I don’t want to do equations in my spare time, just tell me what it is and why it’s important or interesting.


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