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Who Am I, Anyway?

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Sigh. I know, it’s been almost two weeks. What can I say? I guess part of what I am is flaky, ha ha.

While messing around with my blog appearance, I have discovered that I may have a split personality. On one hand, I like the kind of old-fashioned, “shabby chic” look. Warm, faded colors. Feminine flourishes and clutter. On the other hand, I’m also attracted to a smooth, modern look. Deep jewel tones. A minimalist interface with clean, curved edges. Which one is me?

Then I realized, there are (at least) two aspects of my life that I want to blog about. So I’m keeping the shabby, scrapbook look on this blog to write about my personal life. You’ll keep getting posts about my family, books I’m reading, and other stuff I like here. I also started a new blog to write about computer and technical stuff at I’m going to keep that one more professional in nature. But still feel free to drop by and say hi! I think I’m going to be doing some posts about general user stuff, like how to make sure only people you know can see your Facebook page, as well as some more technical stuff. I’ll try to come up with some good tags so you can find things you’ll be interested in there. That blog is also linked to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, so if you’re getting notified of new posts through those services, you will also get links to the new blog.


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