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I know, I know. I promised this post a long time ago. What can I say? I forgot a little bit.

So, I bought I Am Legend a few weeks ago from Amazon’s Sunshine Deals (now unfortunately over).

I’m not writing spoilers beyond a few basic plot points. However, some of the links may contain major spoilers.

I had caught the movie a few years ago on TV. I thought it was OK. I do like Will Smith, but there were some odd things about it. There were some bits that I thought would be important later but never panned out. I later found out that they had scrapped the original ending and written a new one. (Spoilers in the link, obviously.) Wow. The alternate ending wasn’t the same as the one in the book, but it was closer than the theatrical one, and, I think, truer to the spirit of the book.

The premise of both book and movie is that humanity has been wiped out by a mysterious disease that turned everyone into vampire-like creatures. One man, Robert Neville, remains, alone, defending himself against the monsters. In the book he is just a guy, but in the movie he is actually a doctor who was involved in creating the plague. In both, he is trying to find a way to reverse the disease. I can’t really say much more without spoiling it for you more than I want to.

The book was written in the 50s, so it’s a little dated, but actually not too bad. When there’s only one man left on earth, social issues are pretty much irrelevant. It’s a fairly quick read. Amazon says the hardback is 320 pages, although it didn’t seem that long on my Kindle. (Although that may be because I’ve been reading really long books lately.) It’s not guaranteed that you’ll enjoy it if you liked the movie, but I thought it was a good read. I recommend it.

Like I said, the movie stars Will Smith, so I like that about it. It’s probably worth the watch, as well. If you’re like me and it makes you mad when they change a perfectly good book into an almost unrecognizable movie, you’ll definitely want to watch before reading the book. I’d also get it on DVD (buy or rent) rather than trying to catch it on TV or Netflix so you can check out the alternate ending.

So, in conclusion, I am Legend: worth it for both the movie and the book.


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