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In Defense of Lost Season 3

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As you may remember, I’ve been rewatching Lost along with Jay and Jack. (At least, I’ve been trying to keep up, especially since they’ve started watching four episodes per week.) We’ve just (last week) started season 4.

I know that lots of people weren’t crazy about season 3. First, they did that weird thing where they aired a few episodes, then had a long break before airing the rest of the season. That was just painful, especially since they ended on that cliffhanger with – spoiler alert – Jack being in the Others’ clutches and liking it. They didn’t have an end date for the series, so a lot of season 3 turned out to be relatively unnecessary to the series as a whole.

Even after all that, though, I still really liked season 3 overall upon a rewatch. Of course, there was the part about being able to move on to the next episode immediately rather than stewing about it for a week or more. That really helps you get past a mediocre episode. And even in the “throwaway” episodes, it seemed like you got a little more insight into the characters. Yes, even Jack in Thailand showed him from an angle we hadn’t seen before. Why did he go there? How long was he there? We don’t know, but it’s fun to speculate. And “Exposé” would have made a great Halloween special, if Lost did that sort of thing. And, seriously, who can hate season 3 after the best finale ever? Just after watching those last moments, I can guarantee that none of you were thinking about the Nikki and Paulo fiasco or cage matches. In fact, I bet you weren’t thinking much at all besides, “Huh?”


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