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So I did watch Alcatraz Monday night. And I really enjoyed it! I think this one’s going to be a keeper. I’m even hoping that I can get DH to watch it with me.

It looks like it is going to be in a “crime of the week” format, at least for a while. The two-hour premiere was actually two regular episodes, each about the team looking for a different convict who had reappeared. At first I thought that they were reappearing one by one, since Jack Sylvane actually seemed to reappear in his cell. But later it looked like there were already a lot more of them on the loose than we had realized at first.

I’m in it more for the overarching mystery, though. What happened to these guys, and why are they back now? Who is giving them their orders? And how are the people looking for them connected? (You know there’s got to be more to that!)

It’s got me hooked already, and I recommend that you check it out as well! If you didn’t catch it live, you can watch both episodes on


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