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What’s On My iPod

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So I’d thought I’d share some of the podcasts I’m currently listening to…

The Dave Ramsey Show
For a radio show about personal finance, this one is highly entertaining, and often informative as well. And with an hour-long episode released each weekday, there’s always a new episode available to listen to. (Actually, it’s about 40 minutes without all the radio commercials.)

Relevant Podcast
This one is associated with a Christian magazine of the same name dedicated to culture and social issues. The highlight of the show is usually the banter between the hosts. Now on the first listen, I kind of thought they were a bunch of hipsters. But after a few episodes I was getting all the in-jokes and felt like one of the gang. They also have interviews with musicians, authors, and Christian celebrities and play pretty good music, too.

Omega Tau
This is a podcast dedicated to science and technology. It explores a wide range of topics, from roller coaster design to the Mars rover. It’s almost always in interview format, with the host speaking with one or more experts on the topic of the day. This is produced in Germany, but the link is to the English episodes. You can do a search in iTunes to find the full feed if you speak German.

Previously a short, daily podcast, it’s on a hiatus right now while the married hosts are going through a health crisis in their family. Old episodes are well worth listening to, though, and fans are keeping the show alive by submitting listener edition podcasts.


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