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Goals for 2013

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So New Year’s in traditionally a time to set goals for the year ahead. And they say that the best way to work on your goals is to write them down and to share them with others. This is both, so here we go:


  • Follow promptings from the Spirit without delay
  • Finish reading The Message Bible
  • Start giving regularly (monthly) in addition to tithing to our local church


  • Buy and completely pay off a new truck for DH
  • Max out our Roth IRAs
  • Start automatically saving in MB’s college fund


  • Work out for 20 minutes at least 3 days a week
  • Find a way to consistently track my eating habits


  • Make more comments on Facebook instead of just liking things
  • Send Christmas cards


  • Build a computer
  • Read security-related blogs more regularly
  • Write an Android app
  • Read 80 books, including one non-fiction book and one classic each month


  • Take part in another study group
  • Get CISSP certification
  • Review and update resume at least once a quarter


  • Spend some time working or playing with Meredith each day
  • Start having date nights with Brad

I realize that some of these aren’t good, measurable goals – it’s still a work in progress. I’m thinking of following Jon Acuff’s 7-part plan (which I already shamelessly stole my categories from). That way I can come up with a more bite-sized and measurable goal for each of my time chunks. I’ll let you know as my goals evolve this year. So what are your plans for 2013?


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