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In Defense of Lost Season 3

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As you may remember, I’ve been rewatching Lost along with Jay and Jack. (At least, I’ve been trying to keep up, especially since they’ve started watching four episodes per week.) We’ve just (last week) started season 4.

I know that lots of people weren’t crazy about season 3. First, they did that weird thing where they aired a few episodes, then had a long break before airing the rest of the season. That was just painful, especially since they ended on that cliffhanger with – spoiler alert – Jack being in the Others’ clutches and liking it. They didn’t have an end date for the series, so a lot of season 3 turned out to be relatively unnecessary to the series as a whole.

Even after all that, though, I still really liked season 3 overall upon a rewatch. Of course, there was the part about being able to move on to the next episode immediately rather than stewing about it for a week or more. That really helps you get past a mediocre episode. And even in the “throwaway” episodes, it seemed like you got a little more insight into the characters. Yes, even Jack in Thailand showed him from an angle we hadn’t seen before. Why did he go there? How long was he there? We don’t know, but it’s fun to speculate. And “Exposé” would have made a great Halloween special, if Lost did that sort of thing. And, seriously, who can hate season 3 after the best finale ever? Just after watching those last moments, I can guarantee that none of you were thinking about the Nikki and Paulo fiasco or cage matches. In fact, I bet you weren’t thinking much at all besides, “Huh?”



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Caution: Spoilers ahead. Continue reading at you own risk if you have not seen all of Lost.

So – wow – it’s been a whole year since Lost ended. I still haven’t found a show to replace it, and since there’s nothing good on, I’ve been watching old shows on Netflix. I had been watching FlashForward
while Lost was still on, but that became hard to keep up with. I had heard that it was getting better, but then they cancelled it. I’d still like to catch up on that one and see the whole season. This year, I tried The Event. If I hadn’t had school, I probably would have kept watching, but, as it is, I didn’t like it enough to stick with it. I do want to give Fringe another try. I had watched the first few episodes and gave up, but everybody says it’s gotten really good. I’m going to have to go out and find the DVDs first, though.

So….Lost. How about that ending, huh? As you know, I’m a Christian, so it didn’t exactly jive with my beliefs. However, I really didn’t expect it to. The writers had used Christian imagery quite a bit, but they also pulled stuff from a ton of other religions. The ending they wrote was true to the story as it was being told. Actually, the closest religious belief I could think of to the big reveal was the Hindu concept of Nirvana – dying and being reborn, to live life better and keep moving onward and upward. Although, now that I say it that way, I guess it also reminds me of The Last Battle (The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 7), at the very end, where all the characters who have been drawn into Paradise keep going “further up and further in.” The closest story I can think of in relation to the ending of Lost is Jonathan Livingston Seagull. If you haven’t read it, it’s about a seagull who wants to be more, so he learns to fly higher, and reaches higher levels of consciousness. Yes, it’s a little weird. But kind of beautiful in its way.

Now if we want to talk about the series as a whole, you’re going to laugh at what I think it’s like. I read this series of books between seasons 5 and 6. It was about a small group of people who were thrust into a mysterious situation that they didn’t understand. They found allies and enemies, and they often couldn’t be sure who was who. They were pursued by an evil presence, whose degree of evil was questioned near the end. They spent their time looking for answers to mysteries, some of which they never found. In the end, all they really needed was to be together. Sound familiar? I’m describing A Series of Unfortunate Events. Yes, the Lemony Snicket books. It’s like Lost for kids. Seriously, go read them.

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