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Where I’ve Been

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Yes, I know, I’ve been MIA for over a month. But I do have a good excuse. DH and I took our second trip to Ethiopia last month. No, the trip didn’t last a month. But you have the packing and preparation up front (including finding out uncomfortably close to our departure date that we needed to send our passports to the embassy to get visas). Then you get home and there is the unpacking and catching up on everything that went on while we were gone, not to mention the jet lag from the 8-hour time difference and the 26-hour flight home.

So, as a token, some pictures, and a promise to get back to the usual shenanigans soon.

Airplane snacks
Fancy airline snacks!

Mosque in the countryside
Mosque we drove past

Men riding a truck
People getting off a truck

City of Harar

City of Harar

Gate in Harar
City gate

Rock house
Rock house in a village

Baboons in the road
Baboons in the road