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My Hopes for Fringe

WARNING: Here there be spoilers! If you haven’t watched the latest episode of Fringe, you should do so before reading this post! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

So I was all into Fringe for the first three seasons. (Which, as you know, I got into late and just got caught up at the beginning of this season.) The fourth season was a bit off for me, though. The whole Peter being removed from the timeline at the end of season 3 was a great curve ball, but I didn’t feel like season 4 explained sufficiently why and how he came back. Then, Olivia had that whole alternate history, which wasn’t explained if the only difference between the timelines was that Peter was never in her universe. Then she forgot it all by being near Peter, anyway. So it seems like they are the same characters that we’ve been following for five seasons, but everyone else is slightly different.

But on the other hand, they don’t act any different. Unlike their doppelgangers in the alternate universe, they seem like the exact same people. Perhaps it’s because most of them didn’t meet Peter until they were adults, but what about Walter? I would have thought that seeing both Peters die would have had an affect on him, but maybe the removal of bits of his brain and subsequent insanity has something to do with it. Nina may be a little more attached to Olivia, but she was always sort of weirdly protective of her, even before Olivia supposedly was raised by her.

I was also disappointed that season 4 saw the gateway between the two universes was sealed, presumably never to reopen. We’d invested a couple of seasons in these alternate characters, and now they seem to be gone for good. Did they have any purpose beyond driving a conflict in the show? Now that the two sides have made peace, we have to lose them?

Then we came to season 5. It got off to a rough start with me. The finale of season 4 was great, but it seems like the whole plot with William Bell trying to create a brand new universe should have happened earlier in the show. All of my difficulties with that season were still outstanding, too. And season 5 seems really disconnected with the previous seasons. I think it’s because of the loss of the alternate universe. And maybe the jump 20 years into the future, as well. In addition to the time they’d been in amber, we also lost the years between the end of season 4 and the team ambering themselves. If we’d had a season about the Observer invasion, I think that might have helped some, although it may have also removed all the drama of figuring out Walter’s plan.

It really turned the corner for me when Etta died. I liked her, and her death shook things up, both for the characters and the viewers. I started realizing that Walter’s plan was not going to be easy, and that the characters we love are no longer safe.

Now – you have watched everything, right? Including the 12/21 episode, “Anomaly XB-6783746,” right? Because if not, I’m about to seriously spoil you. I’m going to talk about the previews they showed for the last three episodes, too. If you don’t watch the previews, stop reading now. Don’t blame me.

After last night’s episode, though, I am dying to see the rest. Nina’s now gone, too. I wonder what Michael showed her? Was it scenes from her past, like he did with Walter, or something else? The plan, maybe? Plus, now that we know Donald is September, I’m wondering if the boy is actually September? Will he somehow grow up to become him? The most exciting revelation for me, though, was in the preview for the final episodes. Someone said something about having to reset time. I’m really hoping that somehow the whole Peter being part of the timeline will be straightened out. What if September changes his own past, or eliminates himself, so that he never distracted Walternate, Walternate was able to save his Peter, our Walter saw it, and so he never tried to cross between the universes? Would that somehow prevent the Observers from ever being?

Darn it, my head hurts now. The good thing is that I’m more excited about Fringe now than I have been in a while. The bad thing is that it will be three more weeks before we get a new episode. I can’t wait!


What’s on My Kindle – WWII Edition

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Well I didn’t plan it this way, but for some reason I’m reading a lot of World War II books on my Kindle right now.

I recently finished Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. It’s actually a relatively short book. It was on my list because it’s often associated with Lost. With good reason, because it’s about a man who becomes “unstuck” in time. The effects aren’t the same as they were for Desmond, though.

Then, for some reason, I decided to start The Book Thief. Now this book is pretty popular and gets a lot of rave reviews, with good reason. But it’s also about a girl living in Germany during WWII and opens with the death of her brother, so it’s kind of a downer, too.

I then saw something online about a Kindle Single called Double-Edged Sword. It’s available in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library for Amazon Prime Members, so I decided to go ahead and borrow it for July. I further decided to preempt The Book Thief in favor of this one since it’s pretty short (clocking in at around 70 pages). It’s also much more light-hearted, about a Spanish double agent. So far it’s a pretty good read, so I’ll let you know how I like it overall after I’m done.

So that’s what’s on my Kindle right now. I’m going to make it a point to ensure that my next read is completely unrelated to World War II, though. How about you? What’s on your e-reader or nightstand?


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So I have a new TV obsession. I bought DVDs (Blu-rays, actually) of the first two seasons almost a year ago. But Lost was still on at the time, I was in school, and I was pretty sure that I would be obsessed with this show and want to watch them one after another. Turns out I was right about that. I’ve watched three seasons since the beginning of the year.

So what is it? Why it’s Fringe, of course! (Link is to season 1; seasons 2 and 3 are also available.) The premise intrigued me, and I watched the first couple of episodes when it first came on. It just didn’t hook me quite as fast as Lost had, though, and I didn’t have time to keep up with it. I gave up on it. Now, I realize that I quit just before it did hook me. It’s probably for the best, though, with all the other stuff I had going on at the time.

Fringe is a secret (obviously!) division of the FBI. Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) gets pulled into the division by Agent Broyles (Lance Reddick) in the first episode when she and her partner (who is also her secret lover) are called upon to investigate a mysterious happening that is tied to “the Pattern.” Olivia recruits Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) in order to get to his father, Walter (John Noble), a former scientist and current mental patient. Also playing significant parts in the show are Olivia’s assistant, Agent Astrid Farnsworth (Jasika Nicole), and Nina Sharp (Blair Brown), director of fictional mega-corp Massive Dynamic. It doesn’t take long for us to realize that many of the players know more about the Pattern than they are admitting. And just wait until you find out about the parallel universe!

This show has pretty much everything I love. Strange happenings. Science fiction elements. Heady themes about the nature of man and science. Complex characters with back-stories. And best of all an overarching mystery that doles out tiny clues all along the way.

Unfortunately for me, the show is still running, so I’m going to run out of new episodes pretty soon. I’m about to finish season 3, which is the last season available on DVD/Blu-ray. Season 4 is currently in progress. Fringe may have the distinction of being the first show to drive me to buying the episodes online rather than waiting for the DVD release. We’ll see. Fans seem to be really into season 4, and I’m just spoiled enough to know that season 3 is going to end on a big cliffhanger.

So if you can’t tell, I highly recommend this show! At least if you are a fan of shows like The X-Files and Lost I do.